Back to School Dental Tips for Kids

Dental Tips for Kids

Back to school means more than just a new backpack and sneakers. It’s also a good time to refresh some healthy habits that may have slipped a little during the summer. Here are a few back to school dental health tips to make sure your kids stay at their best during the new school year.

Drink more water! 

It’s not just sodas that wreak havoc with kid’s teeth. Sports drinks, which tend to come out more during the summer, are loaded with sugar and can be a major cause of cavities. Water is and will always be nature’s finest and healthiest drink. 

Get back on the routine!

School time comes with a morning ready-routine and brushing and flossing (after breakfast) need to be a big part of it. Plus, who wants to go to school with stinky breath and stuff between their teeth? Not sure how to brush and floss properly? Our dental hygiene team will be glad to help out!

Healthy snacks please!

Packing lunch or snacks for the kids? Please take a few minutes to think about your choices. Sticky and gooey dessert foods are the worst for so many reasons! Fresh fruits and vegetables are not only better choices but can be the start of good lifetime habits. High-carb foods like chips, cookies or packaged snacks with preservatives can damage your child’s teeth as well as having no nutrient base to them, keeping your child hungry and craving unhealthy foods.

Don’t forget to schedule a dental visit!

Of course, one of the most important things for your child’s dental health is regular dental visits. Establishing this routine now will lead to a lifetime of healthy dental habits. At Anderson Strickland Dental, we see kids of all ages, and love showing them fun and easy ways to keep their teeth and gums healthy. If your child does not have a “checkup and cleaning” appointment on the schedule, please call us a 225-665-1212 to get the back-to-school season started off right!